tiny intersection



create housing

foster community

redistribute wealth


As a member-owned cooperative, we believe there are better solutions to community needs than our current economic system facilitates, and reject the assumption that wealth building and power equalization are mutually exclusive objectives.

Founding members:

With rest, respect, and compassion guiding us forward, although we are imperfect we learn from our mistakes. When facing decisions we prioritize social justice, economic equity, collective wisdom, and sustainability.


To fund our operations independently, we will establish & maintain a diversified, flexible assortment of income streams, providing services and spaces that meet neighborhood needs such as housing, parking, vehicle & equipment sharing, and event hosting.

When necessary, we will seek project funding from like-minded community partners including private investors, community-first financial institutions, partner cooperatives, and government programs. We have already secured a private loan to support the initial site development.

We are happy to answer any questions about our financial models and funding sources to promote transparency and accountability, and plan to publicly share more of those details soon.